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What Are the Most Common Potty Training Problems

3 Most Common Potty Training Problems

Potty training problems are the usual obstruent being faced by most parents during the developmental stage of the child. These factors are slowing down things and sometimes become the reason why the training was not successfully integrated. If you don’t have idea yet, these are the three common problems that you will encounter along the training process:

  • Your little ones are becoming stubborn. Of all the challenges, this one is the hardest thing to deal with if you don’t have some tactics. Make sure that you study your child’s behavior. Make use of reward charts in order to motivate and push them.
  • Dry at day but wet at night. Usually, the training is integrated only during daytime; many parents missed the night time. It is inconvenient to wake up in the middle of the night and change diapers. Start training your little ones how to deal with it. Make a chart of their schedule at night and try to wake them up if they are about to pee. The potty training advice for the night training could be integrated in a trial and error process. Try to make them understand that it is not a good thing to pee on the bed at night.
  • Fear of toilet. This is a common issue along the training. The child is usually afraid of the flushing sound so you might get rid of it by making them understand that it is okay. Try to make them flush tissue papers first.

There are hundreds of potty training challenges that could make the process very difficult. Before starting the training, it is important to bear in mind that you should always be positive no matter what. To get rid of this hurdle, you need to integrate the best potty training method which you can get from training manuals. There are some manuals that you can get online. Video tutorials are also available nowadays to make things easier and simpler.

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