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Financial Burden of Shopping for Kids’ Gifts Continues to Grow Every Day

Stores stock their shelves with the expectations of parents shopping to appease their kids at almost any expense. The time of coloring books and crayons is over and the financial strain on parents increases. The trend is now towards technology-based toys, which means sophisticated products at increasingly high prices.

This year the most wanted toys are i-Pads and x-box and a movement away from the traditional toys and gifts. But don’t despair there is a new toy on the market which has both the charm of toys from your childhood and the appeal of the latest technology.

The hottest new toys, which can be purchased for a reasonably low price, and are loved, by boys and girls alike, are the virtual pets called Moshi Monster from MindCandy. Moshi Monsters are plush toys that come with secret sealed codes your child can use to play games on the Internet in a safe friendly environment at.

Moshi Monsters come in two forms, the first is a small molded plastic figure and the second the newest and seemingly more popular is a plush toy. The plush Moshi Monsters have been selling briskly in Europe for several years, Now that they have reached the United States they are the must have toy.

The technological toy industry is doing very well perhaps because of a two-tier market where toys are marketed to teenagers as well as to children, even as parents struggle to keep up. Moshi Monsters and other various virtual pets are turning out to be a financial gift of relief to cash strapped parents in a long line of recent expensive products. Hopefully this marks a change in the price of toys that we will need to shop for during the next holiday season.

The new reality, where we are surrounded by electronic game consoles and the newest and smallest computers all of which requires a considerable financial expenditure is here and it doesn’t look like it is going to go away. The Internet is full of websites selling products around this market.

One example of an online store that understands parents don’t want to spend a small fortune every time they need to buy a gift is the family friendly HeeBeeGeeBees Toy Store, a website dedicated to high quality affordable toys and gifts for children and adults. HeeBeeGeeBees Toy Store has recently expanded their product line from the traditional teddy bears and pull toys to the more modern internet based Moshi Monster virtual pets to appease today’s generation that want the latest technological advanced products.

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